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Review Of The Best Gaming Desks in 2022

Gaming desk is a must have with your gaming computers. Even if you are buying an entry level budget gaming computer, you must have good quality gaming desk for comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.


Let's see the top picks for best gaming desks for gamers.

1. Lian Li DK-04F Reasons



+ tempered glass top is super shiny

+ can hold a serious gaming PC

+ adjustable height with presets and sensors




- 1 year warranty only

2. VariDesk Pro Plus


+ pre- built in 

+ fits into existing desks

sitting and standing



- some mouse pads

3. Flexispot EN1B Reasons




+ smooth, quiet operation

+ easy to use height presets

+ simple and clean design

+Value for money




- pressure sensor

- cable tray


4. Arozzi Arena


+ all mouse pads, all the time

+ hydrophobic surface

+ whole space



- slight instability if assembled wrong / on hard surfaces


5. BDI Stance




+ Gorgeous

+ Super Sturdy

+ Smooth Maneuvering




- Bulky, two-person setup

- Lack of storage

Humphrey Grant
Humphrey Grant

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