Facts About Photography Lighting That You Should Know

 Facts About Photography Lighting That You Should Know

Lighting plays a vital role in a photograph by making it look authentic and real. Every professional has an idea or so about lighting that will be implemented to make the moment look beautiful. But apart from these set of ideas, there are also specific facts that come into the picture. Yes, that’s right. When these facts get mixed with your method, you will be able to produce better quality images. So to shed more light, here are some facts about photography lighting that you should know.

The Light Source and the Subject

Facts About Photography Lighting

The relation between your light source and the subject is an essential one that goes into defining the impact of the same. So for example, if you move your light source further away from the subjects, then the effect or the light will become harder, and when you move it closer, it becomes bigger. In this manner, you can adjust the impact on your subjects by changing the direction of the light source. This needs to be done based on the type of photo that you need.

Shadows tend to create Volume

When you position the light high above and a bit side of your subject, the image that you receive will be interesting. The position of the light source can be changed again to make the photo more appealing. By all means, the results will cause changes to the shadow by making it more effective and less effective. This method can be utilized for innovative projects that deems a bit of exploration.

The Colour of Light

Our eyes are very adapted in adjusting our perception, in a manner that we often forget the colour of light. Also known as colour temperature, digital sensors will be able to capture the same. This is visible in the colour of the early morning sunlight and the afternoon sunlight. By bringing digital cameras on board, you can use white balance either to emphasize colour casts or to neutralize them.

A Broader Light Source

If you do not wish to have shadows and want to soften the light, then you will require a broader light source. By getting a more comprehensive source of light, you will be reducing the contrast, and the texts get suppressed. Moving forward, the impact on your subject will come in from different directions, making the result all the more productive. A vast studio equipment is also not required to make this process effective.


The facts mentioned above might be small, but they are effective. After creditable years of training, professional photographers will be able to analyse these changes and add the same impact to their work. Hence, these facts tend to be significant.