How to do Wedding Photography / Learning Wedding Photography


If you love photography but find it to be a quite expensive undertaking, having your own wedding photography business may be just the solution. You can do what you love and it can pay for your expenses. It can even become your full source of income someday when learning wedding photography! 

The question now is how do you start your own wedding photography business and in general, how to do wedding photography and how to go about learning wedding photography ?

7 Steps on Wedding on How to do Wedding Photography / Learning Wedding Photography

If you want to get some answers on how to do wedding photography or learning wedding photography, consider the following points:

Have the right Photo Equipment and know how to use it

Having a wedding photography business means you need a truly high-quality camera, accessories, and also a computer for editing photos with. In addition, you need to learn how to use your equipment to create different kinds of photographs and special effects. If money is an issue, you can buy good working, used equipment for now.

You can also attend a photography class to boost your skills in learning wedding photography or simply get a good book on photography to get started.

Learn how the professional Photographers do it

To make your wedding photography business really competitive, check out bridal and wedding magazines, and also friends’ and relatives’ wedding photos. Ask them which photos they like the best and learn how to take such photos.

Additionally, find out if these photos were given to the happy couple in discs format, a photo album, a photo book, or published online. Learn how to provide the photos in such forms or find someone who can do it for you. While at it, check out the competition: their photography styles, photography keepsakes they offer, and how much their services cost.

Create your Picture – Portfolio

Initially, offer your services for free to friends, relatives, and even strangers! Let them know that you will take photos for free if they let you keep some of the photos for your portfolio.

Set up a home office

At this point, you don’t need a fancy studio, but you need a place to meet your potential clients and do tasks related to your wedding photography business.

Get insurance for your Business

You may think that you don’t need this, but you may be very thankful for it one day. Get insurance to cover your equipment as well as for potential liability and malpractice suits. You never know. Your equipment may get stolen, or you may get sued for not fulfilling obligations; or, even your equipment has the potential to cause harm to people or things.

How to do Wedding Photography? – Advertise your Photography Business!

A wedding photography business will not reach its full potential if you don’t advertise. So, print business cards and have your portfolio ready. Ask friends and relatives to advertise your wedding photography business via word-of-mouth.

Be visible online. Have social media pages in addition to your own website. Be sure you have a dedicated wedding photography business email and phone. Besides online presence, you can also advertise your wedding photography business in community billboards and in local magazines and newspapers.

Keep learning and improving your Photography Skills

Keep learning and improving your Photography Skills

Once you get your wedding photography business running and you understood more about how to go about learning wedding photography, it doesn’t mean that you will always be competitive. You need to keep learning the latest styles and trends. Learn portrait photography, especially before you open your own studio.

Remember that starting a business requires funding. So don’t quit your day job as soon as you decide to start your own wedding photography business. Establish yourself first. Eventually, you will know when it is time to dedicate all your work hours to your new photography business.