Special Effects for Photos – The Top 5

Special Effects for Photos

If you are into photography, you may want to know the answer to the question: “What are the best special effects for photos?” Photography is an exciting profession or hobby – and you can be as ingenious as you wish to be. 

The more imaginative you are the more amazing special effects you will be able to create.

What are the best special effects for photos?

Special effects photography concerns images that are edited and manipulated to produce special visual results in those pictures. Examples of some special effects created from pictures are e-cards, funny post cards, animations, pictures with 3D effects and many others.

There are many different programs available these days which you can use to create such special effects from your pictures. There are online as well as mobile applications, which can help you create literally hundreds of images from just a few pictures with all the imaginable special effects you want. In the following are some of the most popular special effects for photos explained:


Animation has been one of the most popular special effects photography tools adapted by both professional as well as amateur photographers. Animation used in online pictures can result in drastically more attractive images.

Images taken by your mobile phones may also be coupled with animation. You could add rambling, virtually rolling ocean waves through your picture, or for example add some “dancing” flames to a picture of a blazing fire.

Interactive Presentations

Online applications make it nowadays also possible for photographers to create interactive pictures that readers or viewers can then interact with by “clicking” on them and by doing so starting some kind of interaction with the picture or some underlying program. Good examples of these are e-cards.

You could customize your own e-card with your own picture and design. You could also add your own favorite music to the interactive special effects. This would create a more personal photograph that would display more of your artistic side.

Pop Art

One of the most popular special effects for photos is designing a pop art from a photograph. You can use several free applications online for doing this, using limited features. You can then add captions or speech bubbles to heighten the special effects even more.

If you want to maximize the use of these features, you may want to choose a premier membership; this is particularly true if you plan on creating pop-art pictures on a regular basis.

3-D Effects

One remarkable special effect for photos that is also very popular nowadays is working with 3-D effects. You can create 3D-animated photos to express your creativity and resourcefulness and come up with unique, astounding pictures by using this special effect.

Vintage or Oil Paintings

Vintage photos are priceless. In this technique you can convert your plain color-picture into a master oil painting or into an incredible real-looking vintage photograph. Many photographers find these techniques particularly interesting because these techniques can be fairly easily applied while being able to create some really amazing results.

Photo effect Templates

These are online templates which you can select and add your images for creating some special effects. Especially beginners in digital photography like using thee templates because all you have to do is to upload your photo and then add your special effects by selecting the template of your choice.

The described types of special effects photography are best for online photos and images. Only your mind could limit the creativity that you could attain in special effects photography.