Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Camera


If you are just stepping into photography, there are many things to consider when purchasing your first camera. There are personal factors to consider but you should also be aware of all the amazing features that your camera can offer to you. Having a basic knowledge about these features is very important to choose the right camera for you. The good thing about cameras is that they come in many different types. Every type has its own specialty and uniqueness, so it’s just up to you to choose the right camera for you.


The very first thing you should decide before buying a camera is its purpose. Will you be doing food photography at home? Are you wanting to take portraits or action shots at a sporting event? Wildlife photography or shots of the night sky? The world is your inspiration but before you choose your camera, know what its purpose will be.


Know what your budget is. Do some research to find out what the normal range of prices are for cameras that you are considering. Cameras can be very pricey but as a beginner, it is best to consider starting small and working your way up to more expensive and complex cameras.

Lens type

Different types of lenses are good for taking different types of pictures. Do you need a prime or fixed lens? Will a zoom lens better suit your shooting style? Consider what your camera will be used for and research the kind of lens that will work best for you.

Size of Camera


In choosing the right camera, you must consider the size of the camera. Will you be traveling with your camera or shooting solely in your home or business? Just because a camera is large and bulky doesn’t mean that it is better than a more compact model. As technology advances, better tech is being fit inside of smaller machines. If you plan to travel with your camera, consider a more compact model.


Chances are, you will want to buy accessories to go with your camera. SD cards, tripod, carrying bag, extra battery – there are many different add-ons that can go with almost any camera you buy. But seriously consider your needs before you commit to buying accessories. Be sure to shop around for the extras just like you do with your camera itself. Do not get pressured into buying package deals without price checking. If you do buy accessories, make sure that they are compatible with your camera of choice.